It is a 2WD-type truck carrying 2 tons speaking of a Canter lightly.
It is all low floors of the flat body that I have.
When it is furniture and a refrigerator, I can ride the flat body lightly on a general loading truck and am convenient.
Originally I usually had cars, but work might say a driver and purchased it as a privately-owned car.
It may seem that I use it when after all I work and transport it for the image of everybody.
It depends on a kind, but work is completely for dump.
But it is small size of the types to be usable as a privately-owned car that I received as a favorite car.
It may be said that home does a farmhouse, but is really convenient because I pick you up and can carry anything.
I do not act violently in a carrier even if I pick up a lot of vegetables on the carrier because Cantor Fizgerald & Co. of Mitsubishi is superior in a sense of stability.
Because I can get on to three people, I pick up parents and always go to a field.
After all I am worried about the mileage every day simply because it is a thing to use.
Because an engine was diesel, the mileage was perfect, too and has hardly minded the gasoline cost because, anyway, I ran well.
I am sometimes asked to want baggage to progress by a neighboring person, and it is to a foot of a neighborhood now.